August 2019 Minutes

Aug 11, 2019

August 11, 2019 Minutes

The  meeting of the Grand Lake Recreation Club was held at Sunnyside.  Vice President, Jason Plattner, brought the meeting to order and read the minutes. President, Tom Scheib read the Treasurer’s report.  27 members present.

The next meeting will be Sunday, September 8th, 2:00 at Eagles (quarterly meeting)

  • Light concerns by the State:
    • there are temporary lights up in some places, where the permanent ones have failed.
    • State is requesting our help in donating batteries for the lights that can be fixed and all new lights in those that cannot be fixed. The requested amount is the same that we have contributed in years past: 10 batteries and 10 lights at $1881.
      • motion made by Tom Gottschall, second by Ryan Beatty, unanimously passed.
  • Jason Plattner reminded us of boat safety. There are a lot of new boaters to the lake that need some guidance and some good rules to keep in mind.
    • night speed = no wake (not 10 mph as some old signs may erroneously state)
    • sit in your seats when the boat is underway (you can get pulled over for this too)
    • make sure you have your navigation and stern lights on (do not run your docking lights though, this is a no-no)
    • the state is making new signs for some docks that have the incorrect information on them (the 10 mph, etc) and putting the GLRC and LIA names on them.
  • Bayview has offered to give us a boat. After much discussion, this offer was respectfully declined. The GLRC Log Dog that we currently have is running great, and customized to meet all of our needs. Two boats are unnecessary and costly for the Club to maintain.
  • Beach Jam (aka bands that use the GLRC Log Dog to transport and lend a stage to bands that play at Boater’s Beach)
    • these events are not hosted by the GLRC. The GLRC makes the Log Dog available to all our members. We are simply lending our boat to the cause.
    • The next event is said to be August 17th. This is Aaron Daniels and another musician.
    • following that is members of Freerider on August 31st.
    • please remember to be smart with your beverages (please use a cup, Yeti, etc)
    • the bands at the beach are not meant to compete with our local establishments.  The concerts are usually early afternoon (2PM-4PM), so you can still go attend  your favorite place on the lake afterwards.
    • remember, safety is what we stand for. If there is an incident, then the bands at the beach will be done. If you book the band, you need to make sure you have a responsible driver.
  • Corn Roast is August 24th. Help is needed the night before to get things ready. If you are able to be at Bass Landing around 6PM, or whenever you can make it, it is appreciated. Cooking starts in the morning on Saturday, dinner will be at 5PM. Please bring a covered dish and your beverages, feel free to show up at any time, cooking starts early.
  • Club drawing was for $40.00, Vicky Craft’s name was pulled, not paid, not present. Next drawing $50.00.

2019 Dues are now due ($20.00 per family for the year)

  (Thank You if you have paid your dues)

Respectfully submitted by Amy Ruane, for Secretary, Renee Welch 

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