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In 1972 an avid group of local snowmobilers decided to form a club. The purpose of the club would be to promote the sport of snowmobiling, to cooperate and coordinate with other winter sports enthusiasts and to work with law enforcement agencies and offer emergency services if needed, They called the club The Grand Lake Snow Dreamers (ATV).

Winters in the early to mid 1970’s were perfect for snowmobiling. There was lots of snow and the lake would lock in with ice from mid December until the end of March. It was not unusual to see 200-300 sleds on the lake every weekend. The Grand Lake Snow Dreamers quickly gained in popularity and added lots of memebers. Life was good.

Then came the blizzard of 1978. Within two days Mercer and the surrounding counties were covered with 8 to 15 foot snowdrfts. All roads wee closed and power was out to most of the county. The Sheriff’s Department called on the Grand Lake Snow Dreamers for help delivering food and medical supplies to rural families who were completely snowed in. Many club members responded, and at great risk to themsleves made deliveries all over the county. Their help was greatly appreciated by all.

After the blizzard it seemed like everyone wanted a snowmobile. Sales boomed and so did the club’s membership. By the mid to late eighties the club had 175 families as members. We were all about having fun. We held a Pig Roast in June, a Corn Roast in August and a Chili Cook in March. Every year we sent a large group to the Ohio State Snowmobile Association Banquet and Snow Show. A large group rented a 27 room lodge at Houghton Lake, MI. in January for a week of snowmobiling. We raffled off a snowmobile every year and gave away our excess funds to charity.
In the early 1990’s the winter weather changed. We didn’t get as much snow and the riding season on the lake ice was greatly shortened, and in some winters it was non-existent. By the late 1990’s club membership dropped dramatically. Some older members quit riding, some rode in Michigan only, and yournger members just lost intertest.

By 2006 the club was down to a core group of only 30 families. We knew that in order to save the club, a drastic change was needed. The club name was changed to the Grand Lake Recreation Club. Our main purpose is to promote safe recreation of any kind at Grand Lake and the surrounding area. We now welcome boaters, ATV riders, snowmobilers, cyclists, golfers and anone who enjoys recreation of any kind.

We’re still all about having fun! We have a pig roast in June, a corn and chicken roast in August, a bayou bash in July and a soft ice ride in November. We have 4 formal meetings a year at the South Shore Sportsman’s Club including a fun Christmas party. Our membership is currently fluctuating between 50 & 60 families.

Over the years we have donated money to the St. Mary’s Township Fire Department and the Montezuma Fire Department (for rescue equipment), and have given money to several national charities and to multiple individuals and families in need. We donated a large amount to the Grand Lake State Park to help fund 27 blinking red and blue warning lights that are now on Windy Point and various other locations around the lake. We helped fund the maintenance and replacement of these lights over the years and our latest contribution is $1000 for 5 new lights this year.
We have used various kinds of fund raisers over the years to earn extra money. We have raffled off over 20 snowmobiles, held 3 super-raffles, ran the Fort 500 snowmobile grass drag races for 6 years (at Fort Recovery’s Ambassador Park), held 3 snowmobile poker runs, 5 ATV poker runs, 4 golf outings, 3 bowliing tournaments and this June’s wildly successful bicycle poker run.


President: Brad Fisher

Vice President: Keith Seitz

Treasurer: Kim Swick

Secretary: Amy Ruane

3 year Officer: Mark (JR) Oyer (until 2025)

2 year Officer: LJ Bertke (until 2024)

1 year Officer: Paul Dircksen (until 2023)