February 2024 Minutes

Feb 25, 2024

Monthly Meeting of the Grand Lake Rec club was called to order by President Brad Fisher at Duckfoot, with approximately 27 members present.

Treasurer’s report read by Treasurer, Kim Swick
Treasures Report
$9,163 in the GLRC General Fund
$14,000 in Trevor Mobley Foundation

News/ Information
-Jeff Vossler: LIA Icebreaker went great, thanks to GLRC for our help at the event
-Elections are next month. Need a volunteer to run the elections (send out an email for nominations and tally those nominations). It can’t be an existing Officer, please let us know if you can help.
-Dynamic Weld built a rack for the Lighted Buoys & Mobley Project donated $2,000 to cover the cost
-That leaves $12K in Mobley Foundation for safety projects. Otterbein would like a buoy. Also considering red buoys around Safety Island, to make it safer at night 
-Please check our lights out at night if you are able and let us know if any are out.
-West Bank ADA dock: dock and fishing structure are in and everything is working well
-Beatty got a $8K donation from Cargill to fund our Shelter House Project at west bank
-Bertke’s worked with Albert’s Sporting Goods to get an online shirt order site up for us, and it is live now!  Please place your order before March 24th!  You can get to the link on our website, or copy and paste the following in your browser: https://glrc24.itemorder.com/shop/home/ [glrc24.itemorder.com] 
-Poker Run: it’s is time to start working on our plans. Think about how we want to handle prizes, 1 grand prize of a bike or electric bike? Or several smaller prizes? Keith will reach out to Borgers for pricing and possible donations
-we hope to get the Log Dog back in the water in March
-Beatty declared that he will indeed clean up Safety Island this summer
– The dock donated by Speckmans is out Fishers house getting measured up for floats and repairs. This floating dock will be installed at safety island this spring in partnership with LIA
-The March LIA meeting should be a good one. Lynne Ray will be their special guest and present our lake’s history.

Incoming Money/Donations
– $8,000 Cargill

Club Drawing
– #41 Kevin Glass for $280.00 Paid/ Not Present
-Next Club drawing is for $300.00

Next meeting is our Quarterly meeting @ 2PM, March 10th at Buoy’s
   2024 Dues are now due ($20.00 per family for the year) 

  (Thank You if you for paying your dues)

Respectfully submitted by Amy Ruane, Secretary.  

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